To purchase SRA's book, Stories of Recovery from Members of Sexual Recovery Anonymous, please click here. This book focuses on the personal stories of our members which illustrate how the disease of sex addiction has impacted their lives and how following the SRA program has helped them to overcome the many challenges of sex addiction. In addition, the book contains the completed commentaries of the first seven of the Twelve Steps of our program, as well as other previously published SRA literature.

This is the first time this literature has been assembled and published in one place. We consider this book to be a work-in-progress and it is our intention to add additional stories and step commentaries as they are written and approved. However, rather than wait for this process to be completed, we believe that the benefits of making the information contained in this book available now to sufferers of sex addiction and their families outweigh those of waiting for the remaining step commentaries to be finalized. As such, the General Service Board of SRA has approved this book in its current format, believing that it carries our message of hope and recovery to those who may be seeking help in dealing with this addiction.

Sexual Recovery Anonymous (pdf)
This is SRA's introductory pamphlet; text from it has been used to fill out portions of this website.

The Twelve Steps of Sexual Recovery Anonymous
The Twelve Steps are the core of the SRA recovery program. These steps are adapted from the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous with their permission.

The Twelve Traditions of Sexual Recovery Anonymous
The Twelve Traditions are the foundation guidelines of the SRA organization. These traditions are adapted from the 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous with their permission.

Do I Belong in SRA?
A series of questions to help you determine if you are a sex addict.

Tools of the Program
Many of us have found that these "tools" have helped us achieve and maintain sobriety, peace of mind and have offered us a "bridge back to life."
Download a pdf version of Tools of the Program

Early Sobriety and Withdrawal
Getting sober is a profound life change, perhaps as challenging a road as you will ever travel. This pamphlet is written to assure you that you are not crazy or unique — others have gone this way before, have had similar thoughts and feelings, and are recovering.

The Steps in Depth: SRA is in the process of writing a detailed text of each of the 12 steps.

Starting a Meeting
Perhaps you have decided that SRA is program for you and you would like to start a meeting in your area. All the material to help you get started are listed here and can be ordered by email.

To the Helping Professional
We have created this pamphlet to apprise people in the helping professions of our experience with sexual addiction. We outline the aims of SRA, how it can help those who are addicted and how it works in conjunction with counseling and therapy.

Suggested Meeting Format (pdf)

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All SRA literature is copyrighted with all rights reserved by Sexual Recovery Anonymous World Wide Services, Inc.